The 39 Steps (Series 3) Hardcover
The 39 Steps (Series 3) Hardcover
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The 39 Steps (Series 3) Hardcover

The 39 Steps (Series 3) Hardcover

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A new title in Young Reading, Series Three, based on the classic adventure-thriller by John Buchan. Aimed at children whose reading ability and confidence allows them to tackle longer and more complex stories. Richard Hannay is in a race against time. Can he crack the code that could prevent an invasion? Or will the ruthless agents of the sinister Black Stone get to him first? Is anywhere safe? Whom can he trust? And just what is the secret of the 39 steps? Developed in consultation with Alison Kelly, who is Principal Lecturer in Education from Roehampton University and an early reading specialist. Beautifully produced hardback with ribbon marker.

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Karakteristika Vrednost
Autor Various
Izdavač Usborn
Pub Date 2010