Greetings from London
Greetings from London
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Greetings from London

Greetings from London

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Trying to make the guards laugh at Buckingham Palace. Touring the Tower of London. Shopping in the flea markets of Camden and Notting Hill. These are but a few of the activities that would make up the perfect London vacation. It s a trip everyone should take--but until you can, there s "Greetings from London"! This unique book offers an introduction to what makes London so special: its history, its architecture, its people and its places. Full-color images tell a compelling story of the city s past and present, while quotes from famous writers explain why they love the city--and why you should too! "Greetings from London" also includes four removable postcards featuring some of the city s most recognizable landmarks that you can frame or send to friends. London is calling! With "Greetings from London," you ll experience the city as never before, in all its royal, renowned glory."



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Karakteristika Vrednost
Autor Bruce Marshall
Oblast Putovanja
Pub Date 2012