Cook's Illustrated Guide to Cheeses
Cook's Illustrated Guide to Cheeses
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Cook's Illustrated Guide to Cheeses

Cook's Illustrated Guide to Cheeses

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Šifra artikla: 9781844769407
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This is a comprehensive visual identifier to the cheeses of the world with advice on selecting, preparing and cooking techniques. It is an indispensable, fully illustrated and updated reference source to the cheeses of the world. It includes expert descriptions of the colour, texture, taste and background of each cheese. It explores a wide variety of cheeses from around the globe, from France, Italy, Britain and the USA to the artisan producers of Denmark, Belgium and India. It features well-known international favourites such as crumbly English Cheddar and creamy French Brie to the more unusual, but equally delicious, Tutunmaa from Finland or Asadero from Mexico. It shows you how to create the perfect cheeseboard, and includes advice on which wines to serve with cheese. This extensive guide provides all-important information on what to look for when buying cheese; how to select the ideal cheese for cooking or eating; and, how to serve it, and how to store it. This stunning visual directory offers a comprehensive survey of the world's classic and modern cheeses, covering all the major producers. Essential details on each cheese describe its taste, appearance and texture; whether it is pasteurised, unpasteurised or vegetarian; and what it is best used for, be it grilling, baking, grating, sauces or salads. With over 300 wonderful photographs and clear authoritative advice, this classic reference book from one of the world's foremost cheese experts will help you to explore the versatility of this superb ingredient.

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Autor Kate Whiteman
Oblast Hrana & Piće
Pub Date 2010