Three Little Pigs Game
Three Little Pigs Game
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Three Little Pigs Game

Three Little Pigs Game

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Most will know the popular story of the three little pigs, all trying to build their houses before the big bad wolf huffs and puffs and blows them down! This is a fun and simple board game, where players roll the dice to try and land on a pile of straw, sticks or bricks to start building their houses. But...they must watch out for someone landing on a wolf square. If this happens, the player spins the spinner, giving the wolf the chance to blow down another player's house! Once someone has completed all three of their houses, they have to try to get to the centre of the playing board before the sneaky wolf starts huffing and puffing again! This game of chance is really exciting, as players have to watch out for the wolf right up to the last minute.

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