Assessing Upper-Primary students online

Dear collegues,

Join teachers from Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday, 27th May 2021 at 10:00h CEST, to a Morning tea with Oxford webinar - Assessing Upper-Primary Students Online, led by our well-known teacher trainer, Erika Osváth.

Assessment has always been an area of our teaching that has sparked a great number of questions, such as “Does grading or testing really motivate my students to learn?”or “What are some ways of assessing my students so that it does promote learning?”, etc. Now a further question we need to consider is “How do I best assess my students through online lessons?”. In this webinar, we will be looking at some practical ways we can assess upper primary students in the online environment, while we also aim to develop global skills such as digital literacies, creativity or critical thinking and fully engage them in their learning.

Erika Osváth, MEd in Maths, DTEFLA, is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and co-author of the European Language Award-winning 6-week eLearning programme for language exam preparation. Before becoming a freelance trainer in 2009, she worked for International House schools for 16 years in Eastern and Central Europe, where she worked as a YL co-ordinator, trainer on CELTA, LCCI,1-1, Business English, YL and VYL courses, and Director of Studies. She has extensive experience in teaching very young learners, young learners and teenagers. Her main interests lie in these areas as well as making the best of technology in ELT. She regularly travels to different parts of Hungary and other parts of the world to teach demonstration lessons with local children, do workshops for teachers, and this is something she particularly enjoys doing as it gives her the opportunity to delve into the human aspects of these experiences. Erika is co–author with Edmund Dudley of Mixed Ability Teaching (Into the Classroom series).



27th May 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 CEST (UTC+1) Register now