Uspešno smo savladali izazove online nastave ali bliži se vreme za procenu naučenog. U tome kako odmeriti napredak učenika, kako formirati zadatke i pitanja, kako pripremiti učenike za polaganje testa, pa i na koji način vrednovati znanje kroz nastavu na daljinu, može nam pomoći serija OUP ELT seminara.

Post-Pandemic World
by Sarah Rogerson

Sarah Rogerson is Director of Assessment at Oxford University Press. She has worked in English language teaching and assessment for 20 years and is passionate about education for all and digital innovation in ELT. Like most people, Sarah is currently on lock-down in the UK. She’s trying to juggle work with the home-schooling of 7 year old twins and loving every minute of it!

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Assessment Literacy for Teachers
by Colin Finnerty and Ed Hackett

Ed Hackett is the Head of Assessment Research in the English Language Teaching division at Oxford University Press (OUP). He is responsible for test design and validation, and quality assurance. After joining OUP in 2010, he was involved in the development and launches of the American version of Oxford Placement Test, the Oxford Young Learners Placement Test, and the Oxford Test of English. Prior to joining OUP, Ed worked at Cambridge Assessment for 11 years, and also spent over 14 years as a teacher and teacher trainer, both in the UK and overseas. Ed holds an MSc in TESOL.

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