Prospects Student's Book : Beginner
Prospects Student's Book : Beginner
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Prospects Student's Book : Beginner

Prospects Student's Book : Beginner

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This title is part of a five-level secondary course in English for Central European students. "Prospects" takes into account the varying levels of English that students have when they reach secondary school. The multi-level entry should enable teachers to customize the course according to their students' needs and experience. The 25 units should provide learners with a grammatical base and a variety of activities offering students the opportunity to consolidate their learning. The topics in each unit have been chosen to appeal to students of 14-18. This is the student's book 0, at beginner level. "Prospects" beginner is aimed at students who are completely new to studying English and offers: a grammar syllabus in which basic stuctures are presented; integrated skills work using a variety of communicative activities; vocabulary development; authentic language; a grammar and reference section; a word list; and regular review units for consolidation and further practice.

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