Ultimate Encyclopedia of Horses
Ultimate Encyclopedia of Horses
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Ultimate Encyclopedia of Horses

Ultimate Encyclopedia of Horses

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This book, in a new large format, is an invaluable guide to every aspect of horsemanship, with a fully illustrated directory of breeds of the world, step-by-step instructions on how to ride, and information about specialist equipment for both horse and rider. Over 60 breeds of horse and pony are covered, from the more familiar Thoroughbred and Shetland pony to the less well known Nonius and Caspian. Riding instructions cover tacking up for the first time to mastering the intricacies of dressage. The book also includes a directory of equipment, including the saddle, bridle and bit, training aids, horse clothing and protective equipment, and the rider's clothing.

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Karakteristika Vrednost
Autor Judith Draper
Oblast Enciklopedija, Životinje
Pub Date 2000