The Soup Bar
The Soup Bar
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The Soup Bar

The Soup Bar

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Šifra artikla: 9781474804028
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The Soup Bar hails the very best in nutritious recipes that pack a real taste punch. It salutes the new wave of mineral filled bone broths, soups made of all things green and bowls bursting with cooling, flavour filled fruit soups. With expert information from creating your own stocks to perfect choices for wholesome and tasty sides and garnishes, The Soup Bar is on the wish list and lips of every health conscious cook. Recipes include: Chicken & leek soup, Scotch broth, Chilled broad bean soup, Breton fish soup and much more. A wonderful recipe book to help heal and nourish! This hardback book has 176 pages and measures: 26 x 21 x 1.5cm.

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Karakteristika Vrednost
Autor Parragon Books
Oblast Hrana & Piće
Pub Date 2015