Biscuits : Quick and Easy
Biscuits : Quick and Easy
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Biscuits : Quick and Easy

Biscuits : Quick and Easy

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For many people, the holiday season just wouldn t be complete without them: Christmas biscuits made by hand. Whether you use cinnamon, vanilla, orange, aniseed or coriander, the irresistible scent of homemade treats baking in the oven is equally tempting for children and adults. What makes this baking book special is the biscuit cutter that comes with it, which lets you cut out 34 biscuits at once with almost no wasted dough. Especially in the busy days leading up to the holidays, that can save valuable time. Biscuits Quick and Easy features 40 different recipes, 30 of them especially meant for cutout biscuits and 10 classics. The appealing photographs will further whet your appetite for holiday baking.

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Karakteristika Vrednost
Autor Ullman
Oblast Hrana & Piće
Pub Date 2011