Britain from Above Month by Month
Britain from Above Month by Month
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Britain from Above Month by Month

Britain from Above Month by Month

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A unique and beautiful look at Britain from the skies

See Britain in a whole new light with Britain From Above Month by Month, a stunning visual portrait of the British Isles throughout the year from renowned aerial photographer Jason Hawkes.

Explore every corner of Britain from majestic mountain landscapes and haunting medieval ruins to magnificent feats of engineering and dramatic coastlines and see how familiar scenes, famous events and iconic monuments take on a whole new life when viewed from a different angle. Look down at the Angel of the North from a new perspective, take in the glittering London skyline from on high and see a patchwork of festival tents as you've never seen them before.

Britain From Above Month by Month is a true celebration of Britain in all its glory, a beautiful gift and a fascinating addition to any bookshelf.

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Karakteristika Vrednost
Autor Jason Hawkes
Oblast Vodiči
Pub Date 2012