English File Inter 3rd CD
English File Inter 3rd CD
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English File Inter 3rd CD

English File Inter 3rd CD

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5 CDs contain all the listening materials for the English File Third Edition Intermediate Student's Book Clear and comprehensible speakers with a wide range of voices and accents, including some non-native speakers of English, expose students to authentic spoken English Tasks at this level are progressively more challenging in terms of speed, length, and language difficulty, but are always achievable and build confidence Sound effects bring the listenings alive, and make the recordings easier for students to follow and more fun to listen to Listenings are based on a variety of entertaining and realistic situations to motivate and engage students Longer listenings are broken into separate parts with different tasks, to avoid memory overload Listening tasks give students practice in 'getting the gist' and listening for detail - building their confidence The CDs provide around five or six hours of audio, exposing students to as much aural English as possible

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